Welcome to healthier skin

Tamar Skin Clinic provides quality, evidence-based assessment, treatment, and management of your skin concerns. We promote skin health and aim to minimise the impact of environmental damage to your skin by monitoring and education.

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Our Services


Skin Cancer

Full body skin checks for assessment, diagnosis, and management of skin cancers

Skin Health

Offering assessment and management of a variety of both acute and chronic skin problems

Integrated Dermatology

Centred on the belief that the body has its own innate capacity to heal with a focus on wellness and illness prevention

Skin Rejuvenation

Aesthetic treatments to improve ageing, sun damaged skin and various skin conditions

Corporate Skin Checks

Offers corporate workplace skin checks for staff and volunteers

Skin Products

The products we use are also available for sale

Why Tamar Skin Clinic?

Tamar Skin selects highly qualified medical staff with special interest areas in skin. All of our Doctors are GP’s with advanced training in dermatology, skin cancer medicine and aesthetic medicine. Our Nursing staff also have specialist training in skin cancer, wound closure, anaesthetics, aesthetics, and scar reduction. No referral is needed and our staff are here to ensure you receive the best care available.