Corporate Skin Checks

Tamar Skin Clinic offers corporate workplace skin checks for staff and volunteers. As an employer, you can provide skin cancer screening and education to your staff as part of your workplace health & safety or wellness program.

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Tasmania’s temperate climate contributes to a slightly lower risk of skin cancer compared with the mainland. However, the Antarctic ozone hole combined with extremely long hours of daylight in summer and the preponderance of fair skinned individuals still confers a high risk of skin cancer amongst Tasmanians. This is especially so for outdoor workers; however, indoor workers also have a high risk of melanoma because they spend most of the week inside but are exposed to short bursts of intense sunlight on weekends and holidays.

Risk factors for skin cancer include skin type (pale skin confers a higher risk), prior sunburns, outdoor work, and genetic predisposition.

The Cancer Council of Australia asserts that over two-thirds of Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. The Melanoma Institute Australia recommends all adults should have a professional skin check annually. Skin checks are vital for early detection of skin cancer.

The Doctors at Tamar Skin Clinic are general practitioners who have undergone additional education and training in skin cancer medicine, dermoscopy, general dermatology and cosmetic medicine.

Our Doctors can provide skin checks onsite at the workplace, or staff can attend our clinic.

The skin check will be a thorough and comprehensive examination of the skin using a dermatoscope and any suspicious lesions are photographed and, if required, a follow up consultation or procedure will be offered at the Tamar Skin Clinic on Invermay Road.

All employees will be educated in the importance of regular self-checking and sunburn prevention measures as appropriate and will be issued with a brochure from the Skin Cancer College of Australasia “SCAN your Skin”. This brochure is a guide on how to learn what to look for regarding changes to the skin.

Please contact our Practice Manager to discuss this service for your staff.

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