Working at Tamar Skin Clinic

Are you a GP who has an interest in skin cancer, skin rejuvenation and primary health dermatology?

The clinicians working at Tamar Skin Clinic are a group of GPs practising exclusively in skin cancer, general dermatology and skin rejuvenation and have qualifications in these areas.

We have a strong commitment to working with GPs in our community and our aim is to provide either assessment or assessment and management of skin concerns whilst working collaboratively with the patient’s regular GP.

Doctors need to have either undergone recognised additional training in skin cancer medicine, surgery, dermoscopy , or will commence additional training upon commencement. It is expected that the Doctor will achieve this advanced training within three years of starting with Tamar Skin Clinic.

For more information visit the Skin Cancer College website. 

Doctors will need to show a commitment to continuing education in skin cancer medicine.

Interested in a career in skin cancer, general dermatology and skin rejuvenation?

If you are interested in joining our team, please email Practice Manager Kath Hinde and or Principal Dr Susan Basson, or complete the form below.